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Since decorating the boat, I've really been able to get into the spirit of things. I left you last Sunday evening, as we'd spent the day at Lichfield Christmas Fayre. On Monday morning, I woke up to blue skies as we headed to Chatsworth Christmas Market for our annual visit. It's basically an occasion for my sister and I to soak up as many cheese and gin samples as we can.

This year wasn't as good as other years, but it's still nice to have a mooch around and pick things up and say "ooh look at this". Mum had bought a flask of mulled wine and some mini mince pies for us to indulge on, so we didn't have to pay extortionate Chatsworth prices.

There were lots of dogs there. My favourite in particular was this guy, called Marvin. My Mama used to breed rough collies so this was absolutely the highlight of her day.

Tuesday was my working day/cleaning day/general mooch around the boat day. A couple of summers ago, we had a black swan at the marina, but the white swans picked on him a bit, and he got quite malnourished and poorly because of it. So a rescue team from somewhere up North bought a lady friend over to keep him company. I think they must have been so annoyed with the white swans that they both just kind of buggered off and left the marina altogether and no one saw them since. Well look who came by to visit!

They're super friendly, and will let you stroke them on the head.

Wednesday was my Dad's 67th birthday. My sisters and I chipped in and bought him tickets to see Roy Orbison, which were actually quite a lot of money considering he's dead (they're showing a hologram of him...) But alas, Dad was really chuffed. I didn't take many pictures but here's one of the dogs in mum's kitchen.

Thursday was my works' Christmas party. We spent the afternoon in a calligraphy workshop making christmas cards, gift tags and baubles and I think I quite got the hang of it!

Then we headed off to The Wonky Table in Derby for supper. I drank lots of festive cocktails and caught the bus home (twice in one week - I KNOW!)

We woke up on Friday to the slightest sprinkling of snow and I freaked out and took loads of pictures. Oh if only I knew what was to come! 

I had arranged to work from my friend Claire's house - being freelance can be quite lonely, so when she has her 'admin from home' days, we turn her living room into a little office and stop for tea breaks once every half an hour, like a normal office!

I had finished the work I needed to do for the day, and Claire had taken a half day so we decided to pop to one of the nearby villages for a festive sandwich (brie and cranberry) and coffee. 

For such a small village, Melbourne has three florists, and I've decided that's such an admirable quality. (I later spent a good hour on Rightmove looking for properties in said village...) We paid a visit to each florist looking for foliage for Claire's christmas dinner centerpiece which we were going to make together on Saturday. We picked up loads of eucalyptus and pussy willow and headed back home.

Rob's parents had just arrived home from their holiday in Goa, and were desperate for beer, so we headed to The Mill Wheel where we could sit by the fire and they could get accustomed to the British weather once again. It had really started to drop in temperature and my hopes for a White Christmas were looking ever more promising! 

We headed out to meet Claire and Ben again at the Tower Brewery - one of our favourite hidden gems in Burton that only opens up on a Friday, so it's become quite the tradition. I met a dog in there who was a cross between a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog. His name was Benny and he looked like a GIGANTIC labrador. I wish I'd have taken a picture of him. I saw him and thought I had had one two many wines, but nope, he was genuinely huge. Easily three times the size of Sid.

On Saturday, Claire and I had a 'crafternoon', in which we made her Christmas centerpiece, did some more calligraphy, and made this felt squirrel. 

It's a Kirsty Allsop kit that was a fiver in Hobbycraft, so we thought it'd take us an hour, at most. Well, we spent most of our evening trying to make it resemble something at least sort of similar to Kirsty's, and this was the final result:

It was fun, we had a laugh, and he's now chilling out amongst my festive bouquet.

The centrepiece we made was much more impressive:

I was staying at Claire's house so after drinking three bottles of mulled wine and watching the Wolf of Wall Street with two very tired doggies...

We headed to bed in hopes that the rumours were true and we'd wake up to ALL of the snow. Well...

There was an absolutely unbelievable amount of snow, and it was still pouring down for most of the day. After a breakfast of Bacon, Sausage and Beans on an English Muffin (amazing combination), we took Sid and Parker for a walk across the field and they both loved running around in the completely fresh snow. Naturally, it was a great opportunity to take some photos.

There were a couple of other dogs around, so they got to have an amazing run around.

Once we got home, Sid slept under a blanket for the rest of the day. He never really reacts to the cold, but he was nibbling on his feet a little. Maybe I will invest in some booties for him... if only to film him trying to walk in them.

I made us a delicious 'throw together' dinner of Thai red shrimp curry, which was super spicy and exactly what we needed to get our tummies feeling warm. 

We are still making our way through Scrubs, and finally got around to watching the musical episode. If you're a Scrubs fan, let me know what you think. Personally, I loved it and have been singing Guy Love ever since. Rob hated it, obviously.

Next week will no doubt be filled with last minute Christmas shopping and even more Christmas Markets, so make sure to come back at the same time next week!

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