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I'll warn you before you begin: this is a rather long post, so make sure you grab yourself a hot drink. Some would say cup of tea, but I perhaps a mulled wine is your tipple of choice... No judgement here.

When I left you last week, I had told you all about our little holiday to Cornwall. It was the perfect week away, and although I didn't know it at the time, it was exactly what I would have needed considering the news I received before we left.

Unfortunately, the morning of our wedding anniversary - the day before we left for Cornwall - my lovely Grandma passed away.

Although we knew this day would come soon, it's still so hard to see her go. It wasn't until I looked back on photos of her from a few years ago that I realised she hadn't been herself for a long time. Not only did she miss my dear Granddad, but she was also less able to hear, speak and move around. For a lady who loved going on holiday and visiting family, this must have been so difficult for her. But wow, what a life she had lived.

My Grandma believed that once she passed away she would be reunited with my Granddad, and so that is what I will believe too. I am not a religious person, but it must be comforting in your final moments to feel that you're merely moving on from this life onto another.

Grief is a funny little thing. Because I found out on our anniversary, I think I had almost refused to let myself believe it until our holiday was over. But to be honest, that was the best thing I could have done. Although part of me feels like I didn't grieve properly, the other part of me is glad that I was able to distract myself until the hardest part was over.

Since coming home from our holiday, I spent the rest of my time catching up with work, until 1st December rolled round and I could fully get into the Christmas spirit without being side-eyed by Rob.

Let's pick up the day after Grandma's funeral. Thursday 30th November.

After spending a day in the office, Rob and I went to the 'bloggers night' of a new bar opening in Intu, called 'bar'. It's the new baby of Bustler Market, one of our favourite street food events, and it's situated in the food court of the Intu shopping mall.

Rob is a craft/real ale enthusiast, so I felt as though he'd make a great companion for me on this one. I ordered a gin - Sipsmith, with orange, cardamom and ginger ale. It was very delicious but a little bit pricey. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when two drinks comes to over a tenner - this ain't London! Rob had a lot to say about this place, so I'll pop a separate review up later on in the week where you can read all about it.

We finished the night with a Five Guys (my first, and Rob's first sober one...) and it was so average. Sorry guys I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Although I did like the skin-on fries.

On Friday, the girls from my old job at the magazine had arranged to go out for dinner at one of my favourite local pubs, The Dragon. It was an absolute disaster - they insisted there wasn't a table booked under our name, and we almost left but decided to wait until our friend got there - she had booked the table online so assumed she'd have a confirmation email. The SAME GIRL checked us off her list (the one she couldn't find us on 30 mins prior...) and sat us down at our table without even mentioning the mix-up. Our food came an hour and a half later. It was average, and the manager held her cigarettes in her hand whilst she served us (?!??!?!??!?!) I'm SO hoping this was a one-off, because it's one of my favourite pubs and they're usually on top form. I was seething so didn't take any pictures!

By Saturday, I managed to get over my terrible experience at the pub by throwing myself into all things Christmas. Because of my flexible working schedule, I feel as though I've really been able to immerse myself into the festivities this year and I am making the most of every second! I have almost finished Christmas shopping, and I have a Christmas Market scheduled for pretttty much every weekend until Christmas. On Saturday morning, I made a very simple wreath to pop up until I go to my wreath making class, and decorated the boat in some bits and bobs I've picked up from the shops.

We decided not to go for a tree this year, and instead I made a festive bouquet. I'm quite impressed with the outcome to be honest! I did buy a candle which smells like pine needles, so there's still that fresh Christmas Tree aroma in the air...

That evening, we went out into Derby for Rob's brother's birthday. We visited some lovely pubs and ended the night with a greasy kebab and... we caught the bus home! We usually get a taxi because Rob scoffs at all forms of public transport, however I had convinced him it was cheaper to catch the bus. This worked in my favour, because the drivers' ticket machine was broke and we ended up getting a free ride home. RESULT!

After a lazy Sunday morning drinking tea and reading in bed (Jenson Button's new autobiography for Rob, Good Housekeeping Christmas Edition for me...) we took a visit to Lichfield Christmas Fayre. 

Lichfield is such a hidden gem; kind of like Stratford-Upon-Avon but on a much smaller scale, it's laced with pretty buildings and fairy lights. 

Because the weather was dull, the fairy lights stayed on the whole time, which was kind of bittersweet. Rob and I had woodfired pizza (goats cheese, chilli and honey) and drank beer and mulled wine on the top of a doubledecker bus that had been converted into a bar.

We went home, got into our comfies, and had cheese and crackers for tea, whilst watching season 4 of Scrubs. We are so late to the Scrubs party, but I honestly love it so much. Turk and JD Forever <3

If you're still reading this epic post, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm really loving these weekly round-ups, so I'm going to continue with them. Especially since I have a lot of lovely Christmassy things coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for next weeks' update where I will probably visit a few more Christmas markets...

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