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It’s been a while since I last wrote on here. I’ve had ‘bloggers block’ a few times before and I’d come back and apologise for my absence, but this time, things are a little different. The long and short of it is this: I didn’t get the urge to write, and so I didn’t... not putting pressure on myself and actually giving myself room to breathe has been so good for me, creatively, and so when I woke up this morning and got the desire to write, I did just that.

A lot has changed in the past few months. I left my job of two years for one that turned out to be catastrophically bad, and after a month of being there, I left without knowing what was around the corner. It was terrifying, and probably warrants its own blog post, but I began to pursue a freelance opportunity and it’s the best decision I ever made. Now I am managing the social and marketing strategy for a company in the wedding industry who make work a happy place to be; plus, I start another new venture alongside this in January and I am just so excited to see what 2018 holds for me and my career.

Because of the flexibility I now have until I start working full-time in January, I wanted to make the most of it, so Rob and I planned a holiday for our first wedding anniversary. One whole year - can you believe it? It seems like just a couple of months ago I was sharing our wedding planning journey!

This time last year, we were in the Maldives, and although we’ll probably never be able to top that, we’ve vowed to take a holiday every year for our anniversary. This year, we decided we’d like to go on a good ol’ British seaside holiday which had plenty of walks for the dog. After almost three solid days scouring the net for somewhere luxurious yet affordable, we came across Kilminorth Cottages in Looe, Cornwall. 

Nestled on the outskirts of Kilminorth Woods, the cottages had gorgeous modern decor with a Scandinavian twist (we all love a bit of hygge, right?), decked out with hot tubs overlooking fields and woodland for miles. So idyllic, and exactly what we were looking for. 


We checked in at 3.30pm, after a fairly long drive. Bonus: we got to stop off at Gloucester services en route. Have you ever been? It’s the service station of dreams. Plus they had all of their Christmas decorations in, so it made things even more dreamy. We met our host, who had two black labradors, which is always a good start. Sid said hello to them, and we were shown around our cottage.

We managed to catch the last hour of daylight to stretch Sids legs around the fields, and he managed to find a stream to play in. 

We spent our first night eating cheese and biscuits and other nibbles, and finished with a dip in the hot tub. We even popped some of our wedding champagne which we’d been saving for our first anniversary!


We were up bright and early to walk along the bridle path into Looe. I was flabbergasted by the stunning surroundings. We were in the very depths of the woods, and yet just a 45 minute walk away was the quaint little fishing village, with lots of old pubs, seafood restaurants and ‘knickknack’ shops. 

It turns out, we were out of season, so a lot of places were closed, but it meant we got to walk around and enjoy the peacefulness of the village. 

We decided to book a table at The Old Sail Loft for dinner later on that evening; a gorgeous little seafood place just off the harbour. They let us take Sid with us, and it was decorated like an actual christmas grotto. 

I had seafood linguine, and rob had mackerel with saag aloo. 


A few people had recommended that we visit Polperro, which is just a 10 minute drive away from Looe. Again, a lot of places were closed, but we managed to find a cute little christmas shop, and a cafe overlooking the square where we could enjoy a pasty. I paid £17 for two pasties and a coffee. A bit steep, but very tasty nonetheless.

The harbour here was one of the prettiest I’d ever seen. We sat and watched the boats bobbing around for a little while, talking about how nice it would be to have a holiday home nestled amongst the cliffs.

Rob had discovered a CAMRA pub nearby called The Crumplehorn Inn, so we stopped off there for a couple of beers before heading back to our cottage. 

Our hosts had told us that, because there was no light pollution around the cottage, we should get in the hot tub and turn all the lights off to look at the stars which we did. It reminded me of being small and looking at the stars with my Dad. He would point to clusters of stars and tell me they were the “great lion of Derbyshire” or some other nonsense. I would believe him though.


On our last full day, we had planned on visiting St Austell brewery for a brewing experience. However we weren’t sure whether we could leave Sid in our cottage unattended, so after a lazy morning in bed with tea and bacon sandwiches, we opted to go to The Lost Gardens of Heligan instead. 

It’s very near to St Austell, and if you’re ever in the area, I really recommend that you pay a visit. It was so interesting to learn about the history of this place, and see how the gardeners have transformed it into a wonderland in such a short space of time. 

There was a cute little gift shop at the end which contained some of the produce made in the gardens including beer, vodka, chutneys, jams and more...

We had just missed lunch in the cafe, but managed to get a big plate of salad for half price as they were just closing up. I thought it was delicious. Rob would have preferred a burger. I also had a lovely glass of mulled wine, and Rob had one of their own brewed ales, which he said was very tasty. 

We finished off our holiday with one last hot tub dip in the evening, and then made sure we got one last walk in on Friday morning before leaving. Friday was Rob’s 30th birthday, and so we literally had an hour to get ready before heading out to the pub to celebrate! But I’ll update you on that next week...

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I’m really getting into the swing of things again, so hopefully I can make this a weekly occurrence.

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