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Before my 20’s, I was one of those annoying girls that could eat whatever they wanted and maintain their size 8 figure. I didn’t have to exercise… and so I didn’t. But then when my 20’s arrived, I started working at a desk job, and so the pizza started hitting my thighs… I still have my figure, but I have to work harder to maintain it.

In terms of exercise, I’m still trying to figure out what works for me. I’ve tried the gym, I’ve tried at-home workouts, but I find it really hard to stay motivated. I’m all for trying out new things, so when Hotpod Yoga invited a group of bloggers down to their new Derby studio, I was eager to give things a go.

Hotpod Yoga as a concept is all about ‘working the body, calming the mind’. You practice yoga as normal, except it’s in a heated ‘pod’ at 37 degrees – this warms the muscles and makes you more flexible to reach into those bends and twists more. The classes have roots in vinyasa flow, and mix active and passive postures to open the body and ease the mind in equal measure.

Our teacher for the day was Leah, who has reaped the benefits of Hotpod Yoga following a car accident as a child. Leah explained how the heat and moves combined have really helped ease her back pain and regain strength in her posture, and that she’s never looked back since.

I had my own reasons for trying Hotpod Yoga; I’ve spoken on the blog before about my struggles with anxiety and so I wanted something that would keep my mind busy for that hour of escapism.

The pod is a giant inflatable, with mats laid out inside and a subtle aromatherapy scent in the air. Stepping in, the heat instantly hits you, kind of like when you step out of a plane into a hot country.

My immediate thought was: "I'm probably going to die in here", but actually, once you get into the swing of things, you barely notice the heat. Don’t get me wrong, we were all dripping in sweat, but I think I was so focused on the moves that I didn’t notice how hot it was.

I noticed my wrists were extremely weak - something Leah assures me will improve after a few more sessions – and I got cramp in my arm half way through the session, which was NOT FUN AT ALL.

I sat down, drank plenty of water, and stretched through it.

Sound like your cup of tea? You can book three introductory classes for just £15 (making it £5 per session) which you have to take within a space of two weeks. After that, a single class pass is £10, or you can buy classes in bulks of 5 or 10 for a discounted price.

We finished with refreshments from Prir - these delicious soft drinks are on sale in the Hotpod Yoga studio and have so many health benefits it's unreal. The brand claims to offer “hydration for you and nutrition for your skin, hair and nails” and is available in three flavours: orange and passionfruit, apricot and elderflower, and blackcurrant. 

So... the million dollar question: will I be returning? I always like to give my honest opinion here, and honestly? As much as I absolutely cannot fault the class, and the teachers, and the entire experience, £10 a session is a bit out of budget for me, particularly as it's something I'd want to do three or four times a week. There are membership opportunities that allow for unlimited classes, but again they're out of my budget. I would love to return, but I think it'll be once a month or so as opposed to making it a regular thing.

I have, however, recommended it to friends and family members who are retired/work part-time, and who would really be able to benefit from their £60 monthly unlimited class membership. Personally? I just don’t have £60 a month disposable income to spend on yoga… (I bloody wish I did!)

If you want to figure out if it's right for you, I really recommend the introductory offer I mentioned above. After three sessions, you'll be able to determine whether or not you think it's something you want to carry on with.

If you want to find out more about the Hotpod Yoga concept, and find out where your local pod is, click here.

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