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A fragrance is a powerful thing. It has the ability to transport us to a place, a person, or a moment in an instant and there’s something quite beautiful about that, don’t you think?

I’ve always loved the idea of having a ‘signature’ fragrance; a scent that people smell and it reminds them of me. However, there are just far too many beautiful perfumes in the world! But that’s the beauty of it – Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger takes me back to my teenage years, spritzing it far too generously at the dressing table as I got ready for school. Elie Saab Le Parfum reminds me of my wedding day; all dressed up and ready to go, with the scent being the finishing touch to my ‘getting ready’ routine.

So when a new perfumery opened in my local shopping centre, I knew I had to pay them a visit.

Equivalenza are world-renowned for their wide range of high quality aromas for affordable prices, that take time to deliver the right product to the right person; matching the scent to its owner, rather than the other way around. Rather than focussing on a fancy bottle with all the bells and whistles, and attaching a designer name to a fragrance, all of the scents are numbered and placed in a simple bottle. It’s a whole new way of perfume shopping, and I love that.

Upon visiting their store, the lovely shop assistant asked about some of my favourite scents; did I like floral? Citrus? Oriental? Or was I more of a Fruity kind of gal? I discovered I’m naturally drawn to more oriental scents, and so after testing a few out, I finally chose #033 as my go-to; it has a slight floral element mixed with notes of white amber and cashmere. 

Whilst in the store, I also got caught up in their other collections; plenty of lotions and potions including shower gel, hand cream, and even a reed diffuser for the home, which has left the boat with an incredible berry scent lingering in the air for the past few weeks!

I couldn’t recommend this store and their staff any more, so if you’re looking for perfumes that last all day, or a hand cream that tastes SO much like New York Cheesecake you actually want to eat it (I’m not kidding!) find out where your local store is and pay them a visit; whether it’s for yourself or a gift for a friend, or even just to try out this exciting perfume experience.

Equivalenza is based on Level 1 at Intu Derby


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