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You know, I’m never usually bothered about birthdays, but I turned 25 this week and it felt like a big deal. It’s mid-twenties. It’s a quarter of a century. It’s half way to 50. Gulp.

So what did I do to celebrate? I told myself I’m still a child at heart, and went to play some Adventure Golf.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf has just opened up in Intu, Derby, alongside a brand-new Hollywood Bowl. Located on Level 2 (opposite Nando’s and Pizza Express), the space has become a little hub of fun and excitement – a place where you can go and have a laugh with your pals, and just forget about things for a while. Forget about being in your mid-twenties…


There are two 18-hole adventure golf courses for you to enjoy; Shark Bay and Mermaid Rock.

Shark Bay will give players the chance to navigate through sea caves, beaches and castaway camps to make their way to the jungle path, filled with tropical plants and exotic animals.


Mermaid Rock sets off in the monkey temple, whilst players find their way around the lost lagoon and end up in the mystical bazaar spice market.


We played both, and I think Mermaid Rock might have been my favourite. There were a few more obstacles on this course, which made things harder – exactly what we wanted!


After you’ve completed your 18 holes, there’s a 19th hole which gives golfers the chance to win a free game at the end of the round.

In terms of the course, if you’re looking for something quite… advanced… then it’s probably not the place for you. I got two hole-in-ones and I’m a terrible golfer, which says a lot about how basic the actual course is. However, we really did have such a laugh playing together, and we saw such a great combination of ages; couples on dates, teenagers making the most of their Easter holidays, and families with their small children. So there really is something for everyone to enjoy!


If you want to find out more about the courses, and see a price list, click here.

*Thanks so much to Paradise Island for hosting us. Although our adventure golf was gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

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