Learning to love yourself this Valentine's Day


I’ve never been one to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day. When I lived with my parents, my Mum would bring me heart-shaped toast for breakfast along with a card from ‘?’, but that’s about as far as it’s gone.

Admittedly, I’ve purchased not one but two gimmicky cards for Rob this year, but really, it’s more of a giggle than a ‘let’s spend lots of money on each other so we can post about it on Facebook’ kind of thing.

Despite all of that, I do believe in celebrating love.

Too often, we’re bombarded with articles on what we should and shouldn’t be wearing, how our eyebrows should look, how our hair should look, what new diet fads we need to be trying… and it can be a little bit exhausting!

Isn’t it time we all learned to love ourselves a little bit better?

As millennials, we put a lot of our lives online. And because of that, we’ve gotten ourselves into this nasty habit of comparing our lives to those we see on social media. I know I’m guilty of scrolling through Instagram and wishing I was as thin as her, or as photogenic as her, or could afford ALL of the clothes and holidays like she can. When will we realise that we’re just seeing the world through Valencia-tinted glasses?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, or aspiring to certain ‘goals’, but when those things are making you lose confidence and feel anxious about your appearance, it’s time to take action.

Have an Instagram spring clean

This past month, I’ve ‘unfollowed’ over 200 accounts on Instagram. I can tell you now that a majority of those accounts were celebrities, supermodels, or bloggers whose feeds mainly consisted of them cavorting about on tropical beaches in their bikinis, eating dragon fruit and drinking out of coconuts. I’m happy for them, but that’s not me, and it’s never going to be me. It’s unhealthy for me to keep seeing that on my social feeds every day and thinking that’s normal life. Comparison is the thief of joy, as they say.

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is GREAT for inspiration, but I’ve just changed the content I see. Now I double tap on girls rocking outfits that I want to recreate, or gorgeous interior that I’ve fallen in love with. That’s the kind of stuff I want to see when I scroll.

Accept a compliment

Isn’t it funny how the negative comments people make are usually the ones you remember most? I could recite all of the nasty comments I got from schoolgirl bullies, and yet when I think back, there were so many people who would complement my sense of style, my personality, my intelligence in classes, and so on. It’s okay to say, “thank you” when someone pays you a compliment, and it’s definitely okay to think, “you’re right… my outfit is on point today!” Self-praise is so important for your well-being.

Acknowledge your success

I believe 2017 is the rise of the #GirlBoss – I see so many people, bloggers in particular, doing so well for themselves and we shouldn’t be ashamed to shout about it. Got a promotion? Used public transport for the first time since an anxiety attack? Finished a whole packet of Bourbon biscuits in one sitting? Reward yourself! There’s a difference between gloating and acknowledging your success.

And now my favourite part… treat yourself! If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that life is far too short. Go out for dinner. Book that holiday. Buy the goddamn shoes!
Here’s an edit of my favourite Valentine’s inspired pieces for you to treat yourself on:

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