Tips for stress-free Christmas shopping with Intu


It’s officially Christmas next week. How strange does it feel to say that?! This year seems to have absolutely flown by, and now here we are, two weeks away from a new one.

I’m usually months ahead when it comes to Christmas preparation, and I must admit, the stress started to hit earlier this week when I realised I had only bought one present so far.
If you’re like me, and you’ve left it until last minute, I’ve written up a little guide to help you have a stress-free shopping experience at your local shopping centre.

Intu Derby is always my go-to, mainly for their HUGE Topshop and Zara (must remember I’m not shopping for myself here…) but also because it’s so spacious, it makes life so much easier when browsing for presents.

Make a list

I love a good list, and post-it notes are my hero when it comes to shopping. I write down the names of everyone I need to buy for, and if I already have an idea of what to buy for them, I’ll write what stores I need to hit up. It’s pretty satisfying when crossing people off your list! It also comes in handy when you need to try and remember what you bought for everyone…(guilty!)

Know your way around

I know my way around Intu like the back of my hand, and don’t want to be doubling back on myself, so I’ll make sure I do everything on the ground floor before I head upstairs. This also means I don’t get tempted by Zara right away, of course! Downloading the Intu app will help a lot – it will give you a store directory as well as facilities, plus you can use their interactive map to figure out what route you’re going to take, then tackle it like a boss. If you’re lucky, you might also find some special offers on there too!


Shopping can be a little bit draining, so if you’re starting to feel the lull, stop off for a coffee or snack to give you a boost of energy. Intu’s food court has improved drastically in the last 12 months – I’m a particular fan of MexiCO where you can sit at the bar and have a cocktail or two, whilst having a little nibble on some nachos. Or, of course, the new Carluccios which is decorated particularly beautifully for Christmas.

Shopping with kids

If you happen to be shopping with kids in tow, know that Intu will always have something going on to keep them occupied. 

Their snow garden is great for the little ones to have a play around, make some snow angels, and make a mess without ruining your living room. Plus, if they behave themselves and help with the shopping, then you can promise them a trip to Santa’s Grotto!

Get started with your shopping at Intu by downloading the app here.

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