Enjoying Summer with Hoopers Brew


One of my favourite things about the Summer is setting up a picnic on the roof of the boat, and staying out until the sun sets.
When we picked our mooring spot, we wanted somewhere that would get the sunshine from morning until night. Mainly because it means we can still sit out and enjoy it after work, which is always a nice time to enjoy the sunshine anyway. Particularly on a really warm day, as that’s the time things start to cool off and you get a little bit of a breeze.
And seeing has the good weather has been a bit sparse this year, we made the most of a sunny weekend and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the picnic blanket out and indulge in some al fresco dining.
My drink of choice for Summer is courtesy of Hooper’s. If you’re looking for summer in a bottle, then their Raspberry and Nettle is just a dream. You could even add in a slice of lime for that extra kick. Dandelion and Burdock is also a favourite of mine; I love those aniseed tones, and it goes down particularly well when served icy cold on a hot day!
Now as it's September and the colder weather is creeping in, I've been admiring Hoopers' Plum and Sloe brew. I just think it'd compliment a nice warm stew on an Autumn evening, or with a warm blueberry pie on a Sunday afternoon.

Have you ever tried Hoopers brew? Grab yourself some of the new Plum & Sloe in Sainsbury's or Morrisons! 

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