The one that rocked the boat


There's something very peaceful about listening to the wind and rain rip through your windows.

Especially when you're inside, with a hot chocolate, and you've got the cosiness of your fire to keep you warm.

I've had the afternoon to myself, and I've spent it wrapped up in oversized jumpers on the sofa, catching up on my favourite blogs. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for 'doing nothing' and then I remember that we're all allowed a little lazy day from time to time! Mum and Dad popped over this morning with my niece and nephew, adamant on meeting our newest resident: the Black Swan.

After a couple of hours searching, we found him taking a nap in some reeds. He was very happy when we turned up to offer him our leftover breakfast crusts! Unfortunately, so were the seagulls, so we didn't stick around for too long.

Rob and I have a date this evening. We're going to the cinema for the first time in SO long... we're considering it our Valentines Day treat, one week early, to avoid the hustle and bustle of newly established couples. I may even get two straws for my Tango Ice Blast, but don't hold me to that.

Don't you just love being cosy and warm inside when the weather is so awful? 

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