The one with the snow!


It finally feels like a proper Winter!

As much as people - myself included - moan about the cold weather, I'd actually much rather it be ice cold and snow as opposed to that weird, windy and rainy in-between weather we've been having for the past few months.

Snow makes everything look beautiful, especially here at the marina. 

Watching the sun rise from behind the Chimneys, we made ourselves cosy by the fire with cups of tea to warm our bellies. 

Sunday mornings are always my favourite. There's no finer feeling than laying in bed without guilt and paying no attention to the time.

The snow we had last night was my favourite kind: heavy enough to make everything look like a Winter Wonderland, but a light enough dusting for it to be melted away within a day, leaving none of that horrid slush behind.

We decided to go for a walk to let Sid play in it. 

He rolls around in it and eats it as he goes along, like a walking, fluffy snow shovel.

Once our feet were suitably freezing and wet (that's what you get for leaving your wellies behind!), we decided to head back to let Sid have a sleep. 

Golden Retrievers are the laziest dogs known to man, dontcha know?!

And I don't know whether it was the icicles on our toes, or the need for productivity, but we spent the rest of our day at the Kuoni travel agents, getting inspiration for our honeymoon. 

But that's a story for another time... 

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