The one with Paris and puddles...


Today was an extremely exciting day for Sid - he had a hot date with Paris the Labrador.

Paris belongs to my wonderful friend (and Maid of Honour) Tamzin, and is a dog I hold very close to my heart. I just knew her and Sid were going to get along just fine! 

Wellies on, we suited up for a walk around Drakelow's Near and Far woods. 

It was one of those gorgeous crisp morning - even though it's January, it still feels kind of Autumnal outside. The burnt orange colours are still lingering and the leaves are holding on to the trees as tight as they can.

Of course, Paris and Sid got along perfectly, and bonded over their love of puddles. 

They ran through the grass at high speeds (on Sid's part), chasing wildlife and generally having a great time together, only stopping for a second to allow me to take their picture.

I think their first date went rather well.

But it wasn't long before little Paris got tired of the daft, bouncy puppy, and so once our walk was over, we decided to retire to Rosliston Forestry Centre for a good old coffee and catch up. There might have been chocolate involved too, but shh!

We spoke about life, we spoke about boys, and we moaned about our grown up lives that were living. It's funny how when talking to one of your oldest and bestest friends, you can actually sit back and say "who ARE we?!". We're adults now and that's scary. 

Tamzin and I have known each other since we were 11. Our first experience of each other was a walk home from school and when we got half way, I said "should we go to the park with a box of ice lollies?", which I guess is the 11-year-old equivalent of saying "fancy going to the pub?".

I remember sitting for hours just talking about school, and homework, and our boy band crushes, and now I just think how amazing it is that we can still do that... Albeit with slight changes of topics! 

A friend like that is one you should keep in your life forever, which I fully intend to do. And Paris of course, because who can deny a face like this...

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