The Distillery, Derby


Last week, Rob and I headed out for dinner at The Distillery, Derby.

Nestled in the quirky little building next to the church (the one that used to be La Tasca, for all you locals!), the small, intimate venue certainly offers a treat for the tastebuds!

Twinkling fairy lights beckoned me in – you know I can’t resist a fairy light – and we followed the sign for cocktails.

We sat down at our table, Rob with an IPA and myself with my go-to cocktail, an Amaretto Sour, and took in the atmosphere.

The Distillery is split into two levels; downstairs were groups of friends, co-workers and dates, catching up on their day over the gorgeous drinks. 

Upstairs were the foodies, munching their well-presented grub.

There's also a lovely balcony that looks out onto the Cathedral Quarter - perfect for people watching in the Summer!

First impressions of the menu, I noticed how reasonably priced everything was.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of a burger, but there seems to be a bit of a trend at the minute, and I honestly begrudge paying £15 for a burger just because it’s got a fancy-worded version of pulled pork on it and a couple of posh gherkins.

Everything on the menu is less than a tenner, unless you’re opting for a sharing platter, which come in at £15 each. And for good, tasty food, well, you can’t complain at that!

I knew what I wanted straight away (maybe I’d already had a sneaky look at the menu online… don’t judge…). I ordered the baked sea bass, which was served with Pernod fondant potatoes and a beautifully rich ratatouille Provencale.

The fish was deliciously flaky and the potatoes were to die for. Great for mopping up the ratatouille! 

Rob chose the “low and slow” beef brisket, which I must admit, gave me some serious food envy.

Mmm, just look at that MEAT!

Once we were finished, our server came to see if we would like desserts.

Now, it’s not very often I can skip dessert, but I was completely full to the brim. However, when the bar manager popped over for a chat, she persuaded me to have a dessert cocktail. 

Behold, the Cornetto:

It tastes as it sounds: exactly like a melted Cornetto ice cream. Topped with wafers and strawberries, it’s absolutely delicious and surprisingly light, so great for those of you who, like me, can’t fit in a dessert but still have a sweet tooth anyway.

Now, it’s not actually on the menu, but they reassured me that it can be made upon request, so make sure you ask at the bar!

Thanks so much to The Distillery for keeping us suitably fed and watered! If you’re on the look-out for the perfect date night dinner that won't break the bank, then this gorgeous little place is highly recommended.  

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