Dare 2 Dine at Intu Derby


One of the many perks of being a blogger is being invited to super cool events. One of the even perkier perks is when there's yummy food involved - so when Intu Derby asked me along to their Dare 2 Dine event, of course I said 'yes'!

The details of the event were kept secret - all we were told, is to arrive at the Directors Lounge in Showcase Cinema at 7pm. "There'll be lots of surprises and we promise you and your guest will love it, but we can't say more than that", the invite read.

Intrigued, we arrived a little early and were greeted by staff who had clearly got into character for the evening. Dressed in crisp white shirts, black trousers and sporting blunt black bob haircuts, we guessed we'd be watching Pulp Fiction.

After the Mia Wallace's had given us our glass of prosecco, they seated us in the bar area with edible treats from Nandos and Pizza Express whilst we waited for the other guests to arrive. Once they did, we went in to the cinema to take our seats.

Bypassing the usual string of annoying adverts before the movie, instead, we were treated to music from a rock and roll trio called the Delray Rockets, who played songs from the movie soundtrack to set the mood.

The film begins, and we see Vincent and Jules discussing the differences between Europe and America. 

"You know what they put on French Fries instead of Ketchup?", says Vince.


And with that, a flurry of servers presented us with bowls of skin-on fries and pots of Mayo for dipping, courtesy of Joe's Kitchen. All served up with a bottle of Peroni from Zizzi.

This theme continued throughout the movie...

Jules tried the infamous "Kahuna" burger, and out came a burger, along with a tropical fruit juice from Wagamama.

Later, a Teriyaki Steak Soba (which I must admit, I saved for the next day's lunch!)

Half way through the movie, we shuffled back into the bar area for cocktails and a chance to take advantage of the photobooth. Now I must admit, at this point, the button on my jeans was officially undone. Feeling ready to pop, but still looking forward to the other tasty treats that were on the menu.

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Shake was bought to us during that dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slims. 

Scrumptious mini pancakes with berry compote, when Fabianne is discussing her breakfast options with Butch.

And for the grand finale, coffee from Costa and Tiramisu from Zizzi.

Fit to bursting, I almost turned down the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Pulp Fiction decorated cupcakes they gave us when we left. Almost... ;-)

Now of course, you don't get this service every time you visit the Directors Lounge (though we can dream of the thought), but if you ever fancy upping your cinema game, then I'd definitely suggest booking in for a screening at the Director's Lounge.

Everything from the bar, to the reclining chairs, to the conveniently close loo's so you don't miss those important bits! It's definitely worth a visit - perhaps a treat for your loved one this festive season?

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