Sunday Morning Snooze


I like my little corner of the Internet.

I like sharing pictures like these with my family and friends, and strangers that may just happen to stumble upon this blog.

Last week was my first week in my new job as Beauty Features Writer which means two things:
1.) I now have lots of fancy new products from the samples cupboard
2.) I get my Sunday lie-ins back

Working in retail meant I had to devote my Sundays to serving rude customers who think you're purely there to wait on them hand and foot. Not an ideal way to spend my weekend, let me tell you.

So now that I get my Sunday's back, I'm taking full advantage by not setting any alarms! Rob and I spent all morning cooped up in our little nest with the dog, drinking tea, dunking in Bourbon creams and just enjoying not having to do anything.

It was rather lovely indeed!

I took these snaps because HOW bloody cute are my two boys? And I always get a little tear in my eye when Sid cuddles up to us like this, because you can just really see how much he loves us.

He might be daft, and a bit of a monkey at times, but I can't imagine my world without him now!

Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm happy because I have half a day in the office, and half a day "on the field" - aka, getting a facial and having the absolute pleasure of calling it "work"! It's the little things...

With my new job I'm still trying to establish some kind of blogging routine; I don't want to give myself a target of "3 posts a week", for example, because I know I'll just feel like I've let myself down if I don't do it, so it'll just be as and when I please.

Don't forget you can always follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see snippets of our adventures! Have a lovely week.

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