#WeddingWednesday | saying Yes to the Dress


Being a fashion enthusiast, I never thought this day would come. I always thought there'd be 'just one more dress' to try; that I'd never get that feeling they talk about in Katherine Heigl movies. But i was wrong. 

It was a Saturday morning, and we'd booked an early appointment.

On the way to the boutique, Mum and I said we had a good feeling about the day. When I'd spoken to the owner on the phone, she had been so lovely, and insistent that she would open the shop early for us. It's important to know someone's passionate about their job, especially when you're putting so much in their hands.

I tried on five dresses.

Mine was the first I tried, and as I half-heartedly tried on the others, I'd glance back at it and think how effortlessly elegant it was. But when she asked me the question, I couldn't help but feel emotional. This was the dress I'd be wearing when I say "I do!". 

"Do you think you've found your wedding dress?" She beamed.

Well, yes, I think I do.

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