August Catch-Up


August is nothing but a distant blur to me; it seemed to completely fly by, and now, it's September, and I can slowly feel the Autumn creeping up on us.

We had a week off together mid-month, so took our camping equipment and pitched up in Cornwall for a few days. 

We stayed in Newquay, just a short walk from the zoo on a gorgeous little family campsite. It rained all week, but we didn't mind. As I've always said, there's something quite tranquil about hearing the sound of rain hammering down on a tent as you cosy up inside.

We travelled along the coast, visiting quaint little towns like Watergate Bay and my absolute favourite; Padstow. We had no phones, so we were happily disconnected from reality, eating seafood, drinking ale and dipping sandy toes in and out of the water as we pleased.

But how lovely it feels to have a home that you look forward to coming back to.

We took Sid for his "little boys operation" whilst we had the time off. He spent the week feeling extremely sorry for himself - mainly because of the headgear he was sporting.

He's back to his old, daft self now though. The decision to have him castrated wasn't really an easy one. He'd never shown signs of aggression, and he's always been well-behaved - so we'd never really had any reason to. However, we don't intend on breeding with him, and having them off can reduce so many health risks, so it just felt like the right time.

In other news - I got myself a new job! I'm now a features writer for a health and beauty publication, and I start in mid-October. It's the change I've been lusting after for a while now. The extra money will come in handy for saving for our wedding (which is creeping up on us so quickly!) and will able me to have the odd shopping spree here and there. 

So September is here, and we bought our first bag of coal the other day which is a sure sign of things to come. Rob is doing some little "Saturday DIY" jobs on the boat as I type this; we're prepping the front area for Winter - creating a neat little storage for our logs and coal. Our boat has central heating, but it broke at the start of the year. We paid to get it "fixed" but I think the guys just tinkered around with some spanners, so it worked for a couple of days and then died again. To get a new one would cost around £2000 - something we could save for, but have so many other priorities. 

Plus, don't tell Rob, but I'd much rather cosy up by the fire anyway. Wouldn't you?

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  1. Congrats on your new job and boo to your heating. Good to see an update. I chatted to you a while back about boats and we are nearly there with the big move. Handed in my notice on my Job and saving like I have never saved before. Selling my life on ebay and only keeping nice bits for the boat. Excited! Glad to see life is pootling on nicely for you x

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