When Life Gives you Lemons...


Hello old friends, it's been a while, hasn't it?

The truth is, I don't have any excuses apart from I just haven't felt an urge to write. It's a feeling I'm unfamiliar with as I'm constantly jotting things down in my notebook, on my phone, on paper. But I suppose I just don't have that much to say for myself.

After having an evening to myself to reflect on things, I felt it was time to break my Internet silence.

I've been thinking about this year so far, and the things that have happened; hurdles I've had to climb, worries I've had and stresses that have hung on my shoulders like heavy weights. It's been a rough one for no huge reason but tons of tiny ones. Just one thing after another, you know?

And it's only the past few days that I've noticed myself pulling away from that period and really coming out of the other end. It's like after a storm, when you look up at the sky and can see the grey clouds moving away and blue sky slowly peeping through. Seeing that blue sky for just a split second almost makes you forget the ton of rain that just fell. It's a nice feeling, for sure.

So I booked myself a couple of weeks off work - I'm having my first week now, and another week off in August. This week, I'm planning on doing some much needed spring cleaning/decorating/DIY on the boat. The walls need a fresh lick of paint, and I fancy a few cosmetic changes. Nothing too fancy - although I say this now, but once I'm let loose in IKEA, who knows what'll happen?!

August is time for a holiday. Rob and I haven't been away for a couple of years because we haven't really had the money - and when we have, we've had to prioritise other "grown up" things. We don't have anything booked as of yet, but it'll be nice to take a week off together, take the boat out for a few days, maybe drive over to a beach and stay in a B&B for the night (I'm desperate to take Sid on the beach!). I'm really looking forward to some time for just us.

Will keep you posted...

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  1. Hey hope you are feeling better. Would be lovely if you were to update your blog soon ☺

  2. Hey hope you are feeling better. Would be lovely if you were to update your blog soon ☺


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