Homemade at the Pavilion


You know me, I love a good foodie place as much as the next blogger. So when an invitation landed in my inbox with a promise of food, fizz and al fresco dining in the sunshine, I think we all knew what my answer would be.

I knew all about Homemade. When I worked in Nottingham city centre, I'd often call in for lunch (or one of their famous delicious brownies) and was always greeted with fantastic service and friendly staff. However, I'd never been to their venue at the Forest Recreation ground, so was eager to see what it was all about.

It was one of the first warm days of the year as we strolled up to the quirky little cafe covered in bunting - always a good sign. The outside terrace overlooks the field - there are children laughing and playing, couples strolling along hand-in-hand, and dogs lolling around with their tongues hanging from the sides of their mouths. It's buzzing with a positive atmosphere - a great place to spend your days, especially when the sun is shining!

Much to my delight, we were greeted with glasses of Pimms, and, you know, there's nothing quite like your first Pimms of the year - it's like the British declaration of Summer don't you think?

Inside, the sweetest, most welcoming little snug...

Extremely cosy, but in true British style, we wanted to make the most of the warm weather, so took our seats on their terrace.

As it was the launch of their Summer menu, the waiting staff were to bring out a series of 'taster' dishes so we could see what it was all about.

First up was the beetroot and feta salad, topped with pomegranate.

Such a tasty light dish for a warm Summers day - perhaps could have done with more balsamic dressing, but a great start off to the evening.

Next up was fish and chips...

No complaints here! A great taster of a classic British dish, with an extra little helping of tartare sauce.

After this was butternut squash and sage risotto. Delicious, but not poor ol' risotto isn't particularly photogenic, so I thought I'd savour the flavour instead of snapping pictures. Next up for me was the much anticipated Enchiladas...

Chicken and chorizo, with just the right amount of spice. Top marks!

Crab cakes were next on the menu. Tasty crispy golden cakes with subtle hints of crab and fishy good-ness. I believe these are served with salad.

The star of the evening though, has simply got to be the pulled pork tacos. Thinking about them has got my mouth watering so much! Very rich, very melt-in-your-mouth... simply wonderful.

And obviously we had to end the night with one of Homemade's famous brownies, broke down into a sundae with vanilla ice cream and topped with cream. Now here's a disclaimer... by this point, the wine had been flowing and my foodie blogger instincts weren't quite kicking in on time, so I had devoured the whole thing before I had chance to take a photograph.

Can you blame me though?

I suppose you will just have to order one and see for yourself!

A very special thanks to Jasmin and the Homemade team for having us - you guys did a fantastic job and the food was absolutely incredible. We will definitely be back... here's to the next 10 years!

Another special thanks goes to mother nature, for leaving pretty patterns in the sky and allowing the sun to wear his hat!

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