A Short Weekend Away...


One of the best perks of living on a boat is being able to take off on holiday whenever you like. Another perk, is that you don't have to go far at all to get that 'holiday feeling'.

Last Friday, Rob and I decided it was about time we went for a little cruise. We hadn't been out since January and were craving a break. So after work, we untied the ropes and ventured down to the pub... (naturally).

We met some friends, had a little too much prosecco, and got up bright and early ready to move again.

Refuelling for tea and bacon, we decided to take a trip to Stenson. It's only a half-hour cruise away, but you really could be anywhere in the world. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and the tranquility of being by water, you can't help but just... unwind.

We lit up the barbecue, enjoyed some yummy food and stayed out to appreciate every last ray of sunshine until it disappeared.

If we had things our way, we'd do this all the time. Because of work commitments, we can never get quite as far as we'd like. For those interested, a narrowboat can only pick up speed a fraction quicker than walking pace, and without taking a couple of weeks off, it's just impossible (something other self-employed people understand, I'm sure.)

But taking evening trips out and mooring up outside the pub isn't so bad.. in fact, it makes the perfect weekend getaway.

So here I am, feeling refreshed, motivated... ready to get back on the blogging wagon!

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  1. How lovely! I've always wondered what it might be like to live on one of these boats, you're slowly selling it to me.

    Charlotte xx


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