The Brooklyn Social | New Derby burger & cocktail venue


Now we all know I'm a bit of a burger snob.

So when I'm asked to attend a sneak preview of a new burger and cocktail bar, with the promise of free food and drinks... well, duh.

Now, I have a feeling that The Brooklyn Social is about to put the life back into Derby's Cathedral Quarter. Tucked away at the bottom of Sadler gate, the place was already buzzing when we arrived.

With eager eyes and hungry tummies, we ordered cocktails - and a mocktail for the driver! - and headed to find a table.

"A venue like this is exactly what Derby needs!" I told Laura, as she nodded in agreement.

I've been so eager for a quirky little place to chill out, where the drinks aren't too expensive, and the food is to die for. Wait for it...


The decor is as if someone stole all of your Grandma's favourite posessions and popped them into an old warehouse. Industrial-meets-Granny-chic. (And that's kind of cool, in case you were wondering).

We followed the signs for the restaurant...

A whiff of smokey, barbecued air and some frilly lampshades and I was sold.


We met up with my sister and her friend, and a waiter bought us some food samples to try.

Chilli chips, with pulled pork, cheese and jalapenos (a personal favourite).

Salmon burgers with wasabi mayonnaise

Sticky chicken, and for the veggie, a meat-free feast of halloumi, roasted pepper and portobello mushroom.

...more cocktails please!

We chatted, relaxed, laughed, soaked up the atmosphere, forgave the waitress when we waited a rather long time for our drinks (it was particularly busy) and had a genuinely lovely time.

The food was a 10/10 for me. And that's not easy to say, as a self-confessed Burger Snob.

Although I didn't try the beef or chicken burgers (I'm comin' for you next time), the salmon burger - something I would never even think twice about ordering from a menu - was cooked to perfection. Wasabi mayonnaise is a creation from the Gods, and compliments the fish so beautifully.

So with fully satisfied tummies, we headed home to sleep it off.

I would 100% recommend this place if you're looking for somewhere away from the hustle, bustle and delightful Saturday night clientele in Derby City Centre. The guys running the place are so down to earth, and passionate about what they're doing, so you're in safe hands here - they'll make sure you have a good evening, that's for sure.

And if you weren't already sold, someone mumbled something about 2 for 1 Bloody Mary's on a Sunday. So, I'll see you there?

*The Brooklyn Social opens to public at noon on Saturday 2nd May

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  1. Ooh in Derby for a few days on a work trip, think this is somewhere we need to check out! Where is it exactly?


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