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Can you believe it's been a whole year since our little fluffy bundle of squish was born into the world?

It seems like just yesterday since Rob and I were bounding around the shops, excitedly buying bedding, toys and the oh-so-glamorous puppy training pads. Having a dog was always a no-brainer for me. I've never not had one, and to me, a house just isn't a home unless there's a fluffy friend living there too.

The first twelve months have definitely been a learning curve for the both of us: we'd never been solely responsible for anything besides ourselves, so I wrote a little 'how-to' guide for those of you who are thinking of getting a fluffy companion:

Do Your Research.
I can't stress enough how important it is to research your breeds. If you're out of the house at work for a majority of the day: re-think. A dog needs lots of care and attention: that unconditional love everyone talks about? It's true: the reason they get so excited when you get home from work is because they've missed you for 9 whole hours! Please don't leave them cooped up all day.

If you want a pug because it's trendy: re-think. Those cute squishy noses you coo over? They struggle to breathe through them. So if you can't commit to the proper care they need, then please, do your research and find a breed that suits you.

If you want a working dog but can't give it the exercise it needs: re-think. Spaniels, collies, retrievers... all common breeds, all need LOTS of exericise. Sid goes to work with Rob every day which is located amidst tons of National Forest parks and farms, and on top of being out on the field chasing pigeons all day, he gets at least an hours' walk in the evening too.

Be Prepared.
Having a puppy is hard work. Sid behaves so wonderfully for his age, but that isn't down to luck.

We both had to endure hours of crying in the night to teach him when bed time was. We got through hundreds of puppy treats and hours of training to teach him his manners. And we had to put up with being the annoying couple in the pub with the excited puppy for a good couple of months before he learned that pub time is not play time.

Remember: the naughty puppy you raise for the first year of its' life, is the loyal dog you have for the next decade.

Enjoy it!
Once you've got your training sussed and puppy begins to learn things like 'sit', and 'paw', it really is the most rewarding thing in the world. This little bundle of fun is going to be your absolute bestest friend for the next decade-plus, so look after him and he'll look after you.

I can't wait for all the adventures Sid has in store for us over the next years to come!

*Sid's fancy new birthday treat: a handcrafted leather collar by our super talented friends at Sail.


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