The One With the Boat Tour...


This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while now, but haven't got round to it for one reason or another. The main reason usually being that I can't be bothered to tidy up and make the boat look Pinterest-worthy...


But since I had fresh flowers in, I decided to take some snaps to give you all a little boat tour!

Welcome aboard!


Living room & Kitchen:


I'm pretty pleased with how well the living room and kitchen turned out. We have quite a simplistic feel with bursts of bright colours and patterns. I'm very indecisive and change my mind constantly, so having that neutral base was very important for me.

If, one day, I feel like changing things up, all it would take is a few cushions and soft furnishings and it'd look like an entirely different space.

My favourite things about this room:
  • The sofa. It's an IKEA number and cost £75. (Buy here). It's a small, dinky sofa, but we're small, dinky people, so we fit on it just perfectly. Plus is YELLOW.
  • The industrial light. This was one of Rob's projects - he bought an old industrial lampshade and hung it from the ceiling. He attached it to string so we can adjust the height of it too.
  • The bar stools. These were just your bog-standard wooden stools, which we sanded down, painted blue and then stained the tops. I think they look amazing!
  • The bar. Obviously. I'm not sure if you can tell but we really like gin.



When we originally decorated the boat, the only room we didn't finish was the bathroom. To be honest, we were just fed up of painting, and even though our bathroom is pretty small, we knew it'd be a tedious job. We were also severely lacking in budget.

...And then we won a Homebase competition, which means we now had £500 worth of vouchers to spend! We both just really wanted to get the bathroom done, so we paid someone to fit new tiles, paint and completely re-decorate.

Again, we've gone for a simple black and white base, but added a touch of mustard yellow. We pained the side of the bath, and added some other small yellow features.

My favourite things about this room:
  • The bath. It's not very often narrowboats have a bath, so I'm quite chuffed that ours does.
  • The Colman's mustard sign. This was one of my Christmas presents from Rob - it sounds strange but it was something I really wanted. We're planning on adding more old fashioned signs and posters to that wall to make it a feature wall. Hopefully by the time we're done, it'll be floor-to-ceiling with arty images!



Our little snug.

This was one of the first rooms we completed. I already had the fabric for the curtains and was desperate to get them made - thank you to Mum Slack for powering these out on her sewing machine!

We've had new bed sheets since this photograph was taken but they're still red and white - similar to the ones above. This room has a rustic kind of feel to it, which I love - when we lay in bed at night and it's raining, or the sun is peeking through the curtains in the morning, it kind of feels like we're in an old fashioned log cabin.

My favourite things about this room:
  • The wardrobe. You can't see it here, but it's at the foot of the bed, and it's actually rather huge. I have it organised so that my Winter wardrobe is in there at the moment, whilst my Summer wardrobe is waiting patiently in boxes underneath the bed.
  • The bed. Where the magic happens... It's so comfy - in our previous house, our mattress was an absolute disgrace. I never knew what a good night sleep was until we moved here. The mattress was already in, and was brand new, so we kept it - and oh so glad we did!
  • The wooden sign. This was a Christmas present from my parents! In case you're struggling to read, on the dangling hearts it says 'Olivia', 'Friends', 'Shoestring', 'Family' and 'Rob'. One of the loveliest things!

Other Bits and Bobs...

After the bedroom, we have a utility room. There isn't much to it - there's a washing machine, and some drawers where we keep boat-y things and where I store my make-up. Although the washing machine definitely comes in handy, we've been wanting to turn this space into an office/study.

We have a laundrette at the marina which we can use instead, and I'd definitely get more work done if I had a dedicated office spot!

This is a project that we more than likely won't start until, once again, we have a proper budget for it. Our priority at the moment is to save for our wedding - but I'll definitely be entering some competitions, that £500 Homebase voucher would definitely come in handy again! (Too bad we spent it all... oops!)

I hope you enjoyed our little home tour!

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  1. oh my gosh this is so cool! absolutely love the interior design, all the colours are perfect

    from helen at

    ps. you can win the GHD rose gold styler and hairdryer on my blog - click here!

  2. Hey Olivia may i ask a boring boaty do you heat your water and radiators? Do you have hot water all the time? You guys have inspired me to buy a boat and i have spent 2 years saving so i am nearly ready Yay😃


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