The One where I Got Rich


It took me a while to decide whether or not to publish this post.

What's usually a place for me to share stories about my day, or pictures of my dog, is slowly becoming a glimpse into my soul. But I kind of like that.

So today I want to share a different kind of story, and it all starts on Saturday evening.

We had been struggling for a while. I'm sure it's something that many young couples go through when they're in the midst of building their foundations for the future, but we were having some money troubles and it was really starting to get us down.

We'd have a bad day at work and be miserable at home. Neither of us were fun to be around. We were both so down in the dumps, and it was starting to take its toll.

And then, out of nowehere... it was Spring.

On Saturday morning, we caught the first batch of warm weather and it felt like the start of something new.

We walked on the towpath, inhaling the fresh air; stretching out to feel the sun burn through our clothes. We were hand in hand as the dog trotted alongside us, his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

We stopped at the Stenson Bubble to chat about summer, and how many barbecues we'll have, and how many gin and tonic's we'll drink. We sat overlooking the water and felt nothing but tranquility.

We had the perfect day. And yet we had no idea that life was about to change forever.


We got home to the scent of a beef stew that had been bubbling in the slow cooker all day, and whilst waiting for it to cool, I decided to check our lottery numbers.

My heart boomed in my chest. My hands got sticky, and I began to shake.

There they were... all of our numbers. Every single one - lined up nicely in a little row, calling out "you've won the bloody lottery".

I cried as realisation slowly began to set in. Everything we'd ever wanted was right there in front of us: we were not only rich, but millionaires!

Of course, we don't even play the lottery, and everything I just said is false. Well, except for the last part.

You see, I did cry that evening. I cried as realisation slowly began to set in. Because everything we'd ever wanted was right there in front of us: we were rich.

We had a home, we had a family, and we had an all-consuming, beautiful, Shakespearian kind of love for each other that takes more than a scratchcard to find.

And all it took was a day of inhaling the Spring air to realise it.

As a human race, we put so much pressure on ourselves to attain the unnattainable, that we never actually stop to appreciate what we have. Life will throw obstacles in your path - you just have to step over them and say 'bring on the next one'. Yes, you'll struggle. You'll cry, and you'll have bad days, but that's what makes you human.

We all want the bright shiny package that looks good to our peers, but we never actually stop and think "wait, maybe I already have it". So your salary isn't as good as hers, and your car isn't as fast as his, but would you even want that if it weren't for the fact that someone's dangling it in your face like bait? What you don't realise is that her salary is better but her love life isn't. His car is faster, but he doesn't get along with his family.

There's a quote that I often find floating around the Internet, which says we should all be more gentle with eachother, because we're all fighting our own battles, whatever they may be.

I think we all just need to take a step back, look around us and just think about how rich we are. We're all millionaires, we just need a little reminder sometimes.

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  1. This post is so true. It's hard to reflect sometimes as life can be so busy and hectic that we forget to appreciate the little things that fill our lives, or to appreciate properly our families and loved ones - especially when times get hard. Life is a lot about perspective and having the foresight to know when things matter and when things don't - you have to learn to let the little things go sometimes.


  2. Oh this was so so lovely to read

    Julia x


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