#WeddingWednesday - We set the date!


Exciting news, everyone!

We have officially set the date and venue for our 2016 wedding!

Honestly, we really just want to get married as soon as possible, but on the other hand, we want to do everything exactly how we want and not have to scrimp and save for money. So having the wedding next year instead of this year gives us much more time to save, and it also takes a lot of the pressure off in terms of planning.

Now I can fully relax and just take things slowly, instead of turning into Bridezilla (which is very easily done, by the way...)

I don't particularly want to give away too much information on here just yet - some of our friends and family know the venue and the date, but until we send out Save the Dates to inform our guests I probably won't spill too many beans on here.

We kind of knew we wanted to get married here before we'd even seen the place. It's somewhere we'd cooed over since before we were even engaged, and I think we both realised as soon as we pulled up to the big gates that it was the right place for us.

It's got such a relaxed vibe to it - although both Rob and I want to have a big celebration, we don't necessarily want all the formalities of a traditional wedding. We've both been to weddings before and sat through religious ceremonies you can't relate to, wearing outfits that you just don't feel like yourself in, and we don't want that at our wedding. We just want a nice chilled out day for all our friends and family to eat nice food and have a good ol' boogie. If you don't feel comfortable in the fancy rented suits, don't wear 'em, basically!

It was the first place we saw and there were no hesitations on booking the place. It's got everything we could ever wish for... and they'll even let us bring the dog (!!!) which I'm over the moon about. You totally won't get this unless you've had a dog before, but he's our absolute best friend. Having such an important occasion without him there simply isn't an option for us!

Anyway, stay tuned for more #WeddingWednesdays! I have a feeling there's lots more exciting things to come...

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  1. How exciting!! Love the exposed brick and relaxed / old vibe :)

  2. I know where it issss ;) I recognise all of the cute features!
    I went to a wedding there a couple of years back and it was amazing, so relaxed and just lovely in every way!

  3. This looks amazing! Classy and cosy. In love with your blog.xox


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