Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him


I'm kind of on the fence about the whole 'Valentine's Day' thing.

Part of me thinks "love should be shared all year round" and the other part of me thinks "give me chocolate and champagne".

It's a bit different for Rob and I this year though, because it's our first Valentine's Day since he 'popped the question'. So I feel like I should go all out with the novelty underwear and forcing him to feed me chocolate dipped strawberries.

Over the next week, I'll be putting together a little gift guide and some outfit inspiration for you love birds out there: whether you're going out or staying in, it's just a good excuse to wear posh clothes, am I right?

First up: The Man's Guide...

I go all giddy inside when Rob wears a blazer.

He had a lovely tweed number from Topman a while back, but it no longer fits his hench arms, so I feel like he could do with a new one. This jacket finishes off the outfit for me, and gives it that 'rustic' kind of feel. Actually, this outfit is a little similar to something he wants to get married in...

Teamed up with a crisp white shirt and a green paisley tie, it gives off a 'country bumpkin' vibe: perfect for an evening by the fire at the local country pub - perhaps a little dressy, but like I said, we love any excuse to get all dressed up!

Lastly, the brogues. Rob's a tough one to buy for when it comes to footwear... He insists he doesn't like "proper shoes" (i.e. anything that isn't a pair of Vans Authentics), but I think he'd dabble in a brogue. They're the ultimate 'comfort meets style shoe' - personally, I just love 'em - and they're super trendy.

And now for the gifts!

We all love a good brew, don't we? For most occasions, I buy rob a novelty mug for his super strong, no-sugar tea. So this 'Raleigh' mug seems like an appropriate gift - especially since he's really into vintage bicyles and motorbikes at the moment.

Next up, there's the watch: Rob already has an 'every day' watch - his Rolex is his pride and joy - but he doesn't want to get it damaged when he's away working or riding his bike, but he often mentions he feels naked without it on his wrist. So I feel as though an 'on duty' watch is required... one that won't take a small mortgage to replace if it gets lost or damaged.

Now, please don't laugh: I know you can all see the doggy cookbook, and you're thinking: "this must be some sort of joke, right?" wrong. Rob is desperate to get Sid on to 'healthy eating' - it's not like we have a fat dog, in fact he's pretty much the Golden Retriever poster boy, but Rob is really into making sure Sid gets the right nutrients, so I'm certain he'd love this book. It sounds daft, but it'd make an amazing present.

Last but not least: one for us both... a Toblerone. Enough said.

- - -


CLOTHES: Red Herring brown striped heeled brogues
|| Burton Aubin brown premium pure wool tweed blazer || Jeff Banks Brit Designer green mini paisley slim tie || Thomas Nash white regular fit double cuff shirt || Maine New England navy belted straight leg chinos

GIFTS: Penguin cooking for your dog book || Debenhams Raleigh mug || Infinite men's brown leather analogue watch || Toblerone Milk chocolate 'to my love' Toblerone

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  1. The cooking for your dog book is super cute - I'd love to have something like that so I could spoil my dog haha


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