The One With the Sparkly Gin...


If, like me, you love a good tipple of Gin, then this drink is definitely for you.

It was given to me as a gift from my Maid of Honour (I knew there was a reason I chose you, Tamzin!) and I deemed it blog-worthy. It's the perfect blend of taste meets trendy - and it SPARKLES.

So what is it? Well, it's a blend of alcohol and gin infused with concentrated apple juice and gold tea, with an edible gold leaf. All you have to do is give it a little shake and pour over ice. It's got a pretty good kick to it - you can definitely taste the apple juice, and there are elderflowers in the mix too, making it the perfect refreshing drink for a late Spring evening.

The best part? It's from M&S, and you can get your hands on one for around a tenner. Apparently they have many more flavours - all of which I am obviously extremely keen to try out!

Has anyone tried any sparkly drinks lately that I need to know about? Leave me a comment...

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