The One With the Frosty Marina...


Get the look: Coat | Jumper | Skirt | Boots
The marina looks so beautiful when it's frosty.
Waking up surrounded by frozen water covered in a dusting of snow is quite picturesque - and it's even better when you're tucked up inside by the fire with a strong cup of tea in your hand.
I couldn't resist taking some snaps this weekend, just before sunset. We had taken Sid for a walk, and had just got ready to pop round to our friends' house for pizza. I hadn't worn this denim number for a while, so thought I'd give it an outing - teamed up with my trusty roll neck jumper (and 9376 layers underneath), it's quite the toasty treat.
My coat is my absolute favourite ever from ASOS.
It has red lining underneath the collar and in the pocket, which just adds some extra 'chic' to it, don't you think?
Worn with my trusty fedora and chelsea boots that have carried me through four seasons now, it made the perfect dog-walk-to-evening outfit. Cosy, comfortable, yet still a Trendy Wendy.
I have a busy week - on Thursday, I am off to pay the deposit on our wedding venue! So so so exciting - this means we'll have a date and I can finally relax, since I feel like I've been holding my breath since Christmas morning.
Our wedding won't be until Autumn 2016, which gives me plenty of time to just calm down, take things slowly and not turn into bridezilla. It also gives me time to save up for the most epic honeymoon - we want a lazy beach holiday where people bring you cocktails once they see yours is nearly empty. Suggestions on a postcard...

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