The One With the New Year Cruise...


It's not very often we get to take a holiday.

What with Rob's crazy work schedule throughout most of Summer, the only chance we get to take a little break for ourselves is during the Winter months.

We'd been planning a post-Christmas cruise on the boat just to get a change of scenery, but then along came the icy weather, a ridiculously frozen-over marina, and that was that.

Disappointed, but determined not to let it ruin our New Years' Eve, we got our glad rags on and had a lovely night in with some close friends. It also happened to be our four year anniversary, so it was nice to spend it in the comfort of our own home, Jools on the tele, and champagne in hand.

We woke up on New Years' Day a little croaky, but like a child seeing snow on Christmas morning, we were excited to find that the ice had melted! We were free to go! So we untied the ropes and set sail...

We reached a lovely little pub in Branston and picked up Rob's friend Stu there, who wanted to join us on our travels. We eventually ended up mooring for the night in Barton-under-Needwood and enjoyed a good tipple in the Barton Turns pub whilst keeping a beady eye on our boat from the window.

There's something rather nice about being able to look at your home from the pub, don'tcha know?

Over the next few days, we cruised up to Alrewas - a quaint little village with some amazing houses backing onto its' canal. One day, the dream is to be able to afford a house with a back-garden-mooring. These houses were perfect 'forever houses'.

It was so nice to be able to get away for a few days - and although we didn't get particularly far, it seems like you're worlds away when you're on the canal. Plus, it's nice to be within driving distance of friends, so that they can come and join us as and when they please!

Sid had a rather stressful time. I don't think he could get his head around the fact that he was at home, but not at home... if that makes sense. Once we got him out the back, with this head hanging off the side, he was quite happy to chill out and watch the ducks!

We finished off the holiday with a delicious slap-up brekkie at The Dragon in Willington, and left our hopes and dreams of getting away again on the towpath.

A pretty lovely start to the new year, I reckon!

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