RECIPE: A BBQ Feast...


When I hear the word 'barbecue', I am often faced with flashbacks of my Dad trying desperately to light a 99p disposable number, shouting at Mum when she (successfully) has a go instead, then more than likely burning one of our meaty treats because we were too busy chasing the dog... who stole a sausage.

Nevertheless, whenever there's the slightest bit of sun, us British folk lap it up - I love the smell of barbecues on a hot summers' day, because you just know that wherever that smell is coming from, there's a family or a group of friends experiencing a similar scenario to the one above, and they're all having a fabulous time.

So when I began craving barbecue food last week, I thought 'why wait until summer?'. Because, let's face it, I'll be waiting a long time. I took to the kitchen, and created this delicous barbecue feast...

Looks good, right?

Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, here's all you'll need to recreate this finger lickin' goodness:

- Chicken on the bone
- Corn on the cobs
- Your leaves of choice - I chose rocket with ground black pepper and balsamic dressing
- 1 sweet potato per two people
- Coleslaw or any other sides you fancy...
- Foil, or an oven dish with a lid

For the spicy BBQ marinade:
- 1 tbsp Chinese five spice powder
- 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
- 1 tsp sunflower oil

Firstly, you'll need to mix your marinade ingredients together and coat your chicken. If you need more marinade, don't be afraid to mix more up - this is just the amount I used for two people.

Coat your chicken and leave overnight, or in the fridge whilst you're at work. This just gives the chance for the flavours to work together - but if you're one of those people like me who read a recipe as they're making it for tea, then don't stress yourself out too much, the flavours will work together in the oven too!

Once the oven has preheated to 180 degrees, pop your chicken in a grease proof dish and put the lid on, or cover with foil. After 30 minutes, give it a check and take the lid off - it will more than likely need 40-50 minutes, but it's best to keep an eye on it after the first half hour.

Whilst your chicken is cooking away, slice up your sweet potato into thin chip-like shapes. Give them a slight coating of sunflower oil, and sprinkle on some seasoning (i usually go for salt, ground pepper and a bit of paprika) and put them in the oven. Again, these will need about 40 minutes, so if you can get them in at the same time as the chicken then you're on the game...

After 30 minutes' cooking time, put your corn on the cobs into boiling water until you can feel them soften. About 8 minutes will do the trick. I then wrap mine in foil with a knob of butter.

So you should now be starting to smell the deliciousness going on in your oven - remember to take the lid off your chicken for the last 10 minutes of cooking - this means you'll get a lovely crispy coating. Mmmm...

ANNNNNDDD voila! A plate full of barbecue food to gear you up for summer!


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