The One With the "Christmas Market"...


When the marina announced it was hosting a Christmas Market, I was a little excited to say the least.

Brandy snaps, currywurst and mulled wine galore, a good ol' festive market is my favourite way to get into the Christmas spirit.

So when I arrived to 8 pop-up tents with not so much as a sausage in sight, I was kinda disappointed.

"Oh...", I sighed. My friend Tamzin had driven over to get involved in the festivities, so I felt as though I'd let her down, especially since she had a pretty traumatic experience in getting to me - getting stuck in the mud in an old Peugeot just isn't ideal.

We didn't let it get us down though, instead, we decided to make a trip to the farm shop for a light lunch and drink.

Inside was a hustle and bustle of people who were quite clearly doing the same as us.

Christmas tunes were playing, the smell of coffee and fresh bread wafted from the kitchen... it's the first time this year that I've felt festive, so I wanted to make the most of it.

A gingerbread hot chocolate was the obvious choice - and oh man, I'm so glad I indulged! Molten chocolate so thick and creamy, I never wanted it to end!
One of my other seasonal favourite hot drinks this season is spiced apple. A combination of apple juice, honey, ginger and cinnamon - it smells like something Mary Poppins would give you if you felt a bit under the weather. Kind of cough syrup-y, kind of absolutely delicious.

Tamzin orded a chocolate frappe, which she let me try, and that was also pretty scrummy - two chocolate lovers over here, can you tell?!

We were also given some little complimentary sweet treats next to our drinks - if there are two words that are my favourite, then it's "free" and "chocolate". Especially when next to each other...

We decided we'd take a look at the lunch menu. We were both heading out later on that evening, so we decided on something light.
A deli board to share was the perfect choice. Finger-food is always a good option, especially when you've got lots of gossip to catch up on.

We were presented with a board of little pieces of heaven: garlic stuffed olives, sundried tomatoes, a pot of homous, bread sticks and a selection of the finest cured meats. Don't mind if I do!

This was plenty for the two of us - especially after our heavy drinks. Two full tummies = a successful trip, don't you think?

Although it wasn't the day out that we'd had in mind, it got us both feeling festive and I've realised that, when it comes to friends like Tamzin, it doesn't really matter where you are, because if you can make each other laugh and have a good gossip, you've got all the right ingredients for a good day out!

Speaking of feeling festive, I'm hoping to get my tree decorated this week - I can't wait to show you...

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