The Bulls Head, Repton


I remember the first time I discovered the Bulls Head in Repton.

It was after Rob and I had been on our second date (The Sea Life Centre, where else?), and he suggested we go for a drink on our way home.

It was a chilly January day nearly four years ago, and I insisted on sitting outside by the twinkling lights and cosy heaters. As we sipped on our drinks and chatted - still getting to know each other - another man caught my eye. He caught my eye so much, in fact, that I couldn't turn away.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, rest assured that the man was one of the very talented pizza chefs at the Bulls Head, and he caught my eye not with his charm or good looks, but with the delicious wood fired pizza he was carrying in his hand.

"I have to have one of those!" I thought.

And since that day, I've had many-a Bulls Head pizza. In fact, I'm quite the regular. So when we were on our way home from Stratford last week, with a grumbling noise in our tummies, there was only one place for it...

On a crisp Autumn afternoon, this cosy environment was so welcoming.

Those stairs you can see lead up to their recently-opened Garden Room - it was closed when I visited so I didn't get any pictures, but it's like walking in to a whimsical Wonderland, full of trees and candles and fairy lights - if you're booking a meal, I'd definitely suggest asking for a table in here.

Inside is even cosier - the fire was roaring, the pizza chefs were hard at work, and that sofa seemed all too inviting...

We got ourselves a table and ordered drinks - not the most adventurous things on the menu, but Rob had a Freedom, and I had a Rekorderlig which they garnish with fresh strawberries and lime. Delicious, and very refreshing!

But of course, it was the food we were most looking forward to...

We have made it our mission to order every pizza on their menu. We thought it'd take a while, but as we come here A LOT, it actually didn't take as long as we thought - oops?

Realising that we'd tried every single one, we opted for one of our favourites: The Bordeaux.

Freshly wood fired with wild boar salami, bacon, potato, mozzarella, red onion, paprika, fresh chives and garlic oil - topped with sour cream, and of course the Bulls Head tomato sauce on the base.

As you can see, I'm pretty happy about it...

For us, one pizza is more than enough to share. We usually order with garlic mayonnaise dip and a pot of "real chips" - aka, the gigantic chunky kind.

Let's just have a close up of that pizza, shall we?

Mmmmmm... now if your tummies are a-grumblin', then be sure to book a table. It's worth the trip if you're not from the area - trust me.

Although the pizza's are their speciality, they also have an amazing a-la carte menu, which features some of my favourite dishes like the sweet potato and coconut curry, or the creamy cider mussels.

Visit their website for all the information, or just admire their Instagram from afar...

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  1. I love the Bulls Head! Just found your blog after seeing the link on their Facebook page and really enjoyed reading through :)

  2. I love the Bulls head so much! Found it when my friend worked there :)


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