I woke up on Saturday to a thin white sprinkling of ice all over the marina. Not the snow I'd hoped for, but it was equally as enchanting. I couldn't wait to get out into the crisp air to walk alongside the towpath...
We didn't really know where to head, so took the Preston Brook route. Obviously we weren't going to make the entire 80 miles, but we put in a good couple of hours' effort!
Along the way, we found two swans, who were relaxing peacefully in our path. Rob and I were just trying to discover a strategy to get Sid past them without an attack, when they began hissing and spitting at us.
Knowing that swans could be fairly aggressive when they wanted to be, we made a run for it and the swans leaped into the water out of our way.
Naturally, Sid thought this was a game and tried to hop into the water with them. He soon ran away from them again though...
Armed in my trusty Joules attire, I felt truly ready to tackle the mud that we were sure to encounter once the ice had melted. And boyyyyy was it muddy.
We had time for one quick family portrait before deciding we needed a pit-stop in the pub.

The Dragon in Willington has always been one of our favourite locals. The beer is good, the food is amaaaazing, and the staff are always really friendly.
Robert had a pint of Rein-beer... (Ho Ho Ho...)
And I had a half-pint of what appears to look like liquid gold...
I can assure you though, it was Stowford Press.
Once we were suitably refreshed, we decided to venture back out into the cold and head home. Much to the dismay of some:
We've been trying to make some plans for New Years Eve. We may possibly venture out for a Winter cruise along the canal... Even if we don't go too far, it'll be nice to get a change of scenery.
I'll keep you posted...

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