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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Slack/Wainwright home! We finally put our tree up last week. We had to give him a bit of a trim, as he was slightly on the wide side, but now he fits in so perfectly! We decorated it whilst sipping mulled wine, and it all got very festive.

So now I'm finally in the spirit of things, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas parties. Rob and I have a ton of them lined up - family things, friend things, work things - so it seemed only fitting that I write up a little beauty tutorial of one of my favourite Christmas party looks.

Here are my holy grail base products.

I start off with Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, which is one of my all time favourite high street foundations. I tend to switch between this and 'Wake Me Up', but find this one has a better finish for this time of year.

Apply the foundation all over your face, then using the Beauty UK contour palette, follow my contour guide here.

Set it all with pressed or loose powder: my absolute go-to, is a £1.99 number by Natural Collections. Believe me, I've tried others, but this is one I always come back to.

Next up are the three products which really make this look:

First off, a bronze smokey eye kit. Mine is by the Body Shop, and it's been an absolute saviour for me. It's very compact, so fits nicely in my make-up bag. Alternatives would be the naked palettes, which also feature lots of lovely bronze-y tones.

For your eyes, we want a subtle gold smoke - nothing too over the top, as we're going for a statement lip.

I apply a matte beige (#1) all over my eyelids, also highlighting below the brow to give them a more defined look. Then, add the gold (#2) all over your lid, to just above your crease.

Then, a darker brown colour (#3) to the corners of your eyes, finishing off with a matte brown, or black (#4) in your crease.

Don't forget to blend!

As you can see, it's a very subtle smokey eye. Adding a thin line of liquid eye liner to create a cat eye flick, plus a lick of your favourite mascara, and you've got eyes that will really 'pop'.

Now onto the lips...

I've been getting braver with lipstick lately. I always thought red never suited me, until beauty bloggers came along and taught me that there are a bazillion different shades of red, to suit all kinds of different skin tones.

With some Boots advantage points to spend (rejoice!), I found myself at the Rimmel counter with tons of swatches on my hand. Eventually, I found 'Tantrum'. It glides on like a dream and stays put for most of the day - FYI, I ate enchiladas for dinner and it didn't budge.

And voila! That's my finished look. I didn't want to go too over-the-top or dramatic, so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Plus, there's nothing like a festive red to complete your Christmas look!

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