The One Where We Went to Stratford...


As I mentioned in my previous post, Rob and I took a rare day off this week to spend some "quality time together".
We'd been visiting a friend in Leamington Spa to watch the last race of the Formula One season (and have a few bevvies to celebrate Lewis Hamilton's championship win), and wanted somewhere to stop off on our way home on Monday.
Rob always used to visit Stratford as a young'en, and I'd never been before so we thought we'd pay it a little visit. 
A quaint little place where all the shops look pretty, I had been promised my lunch at the baguette barge which was unfortunately closed. Luckily I'd had a big breakfast, so didn't have a rumbling tummy anyway.
Sid was in a particularly naughty mood - he'll walk off his lead perfectly, but try and put him on it and all hell breaks loose. He took a shine to the ducks, even though he sees them at home all the time. But oh no, these were Stratford ducks, so naturally he wanted to chase them. 
Above you can see Rob "having a word" with him. Sid will never give you eye contact when he's getting a telling off. Either that or he just spotted a squirrel in the distance...
Getting a little bit frustrated, we decided that we'd save a shopping trip for next time, and that we'd go to visit some Shakespeare stuff and have lunch instead.
I believe this is Shakespeares house. It was placed in close proximity to a few bars and kebab shop, which must have been handy for him on a night out.
Now, I'm a lover of great literature and all, and although it was cool to see where my mate Willy Shakey spent his youth, I was more excited by the Christmas shops. JUST LOOK:
Rob doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning on decorating the boat something similar to the above.
If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE a good ol' rummage through the tackiest Christmas decorations, so you can imagine my pure joy (and Rob's) when I found these little shops.
There were candy canes, snow globes, gingerbread men and Santa Claus'es in all different shapes and sizes. It was very easy to get carried away in there, but I somehow managed to restrain myself (for now)...
After we'd strolled through the streets, we were going to go for lunch somewhere, but it proved quite hard to find somewhere that would allow us to sit with Sid. It's like they knew he had his naughty hat on or something...
So we decided that - after a few outfit snaps, of course - we'd head home and visit our local for some decent pub grub. I took some snaps whilst we were there, but you'll just have to wait until next week...
Wearing: Topshop Coat, ASOS jumper, ASOS trousers, ASOS boots, Michael Kors Bag c/o Flannels

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