The One Where We Stayed In...


It was a Sunday evening.

The rain had been falling hard all day, but there's always something relaxing about hearing it hitting the water around us whilst we're tucked up inside the boat.

The fire was roaring, the beef was braising, and Sid was lay fast asleep.

It's then that I realised something; my favourite thing about Autumn is staying in.

I feel particularly nostalgic about this time of year anyway, because it's when Rob and I bought the boat.

I remember those first cold November nights spent making dens on the floor from cushions and snuggling up next to the fire; so excited for the journey we were about to embark on.

We'd drink mulled wine every night just because.

Rob would collect the logs for the fire whilst I prepared dinner - usually a stew, or another hearty dish in the slow cooker.

I'd light the candles, sending scents of cinnamon, citrus and spice into the air.

Who wants to go out in the cold when you've got heaven right at home?!

Don't get me wrong, I love to go out and explore and feel the leaves crunching beneath my toes, but with the weather being particularly British lately, it gives you all the more reason to want to cosy up and stay inside.

If you're a homebug like me, why not find yourself a nice new recipe to try?

Crack out the board games if you wish - Trivial Pursuit is always a lovely reminder of how I know diddly squat about politics.

Or... you could even put on a Christmas film... don't worry, I won't tell...

So there you have it. Despite what your eighteen-year-old self thought, staying in can actually be so much fun!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Write a blog post and let @SykesCottages know!

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