The One Where I Attempted to Christmas Shop


Last week, I attempted to Christmas shop.

I say "attempted", because I only ended up buying one present, and then because I'd stressed myself out so much in TKMaxx, I felt I owed myself a new pair of shoes.

Not just any shoes though, they're Givenchy 'Laura' dupes and cost a mere ten pounds. To be honest, I was pretty chuffed at my purchase and it did take away the stress of Christmas shopping, but then I got home and remembered I still need to buy stuff for other people.

Thank goodness for online shopping, that's all I can say.

Not that I'm a Christmas Scrooge or anything - I think we've gathered by now that I love getting into the festive spirit. But there's nothing worse than trying to shop for specific things whilst others are doing the same. It makes for a very stressful experience indeed.

If I could leisurely walk around John Lewis at my own pace then I'm sure I'd enjoy it much more, but any British high street shopper knows that just isn't the case!

Anyhow... whilst I was shopping I did manage to pick up a cable knit jumper for Rob's birthday. He turned 27 on Monday and he's still in denial. He says "26 is still mid-twenties, but when you're 27, you might as well be 30." Old man logic.

So it was on yet another dog walk in the National Forest that we snapped these photos. I'd taken my new boots for an outing and deemed it a fantastic photo opportunity.

My coat is also rather lovely, don't you think? A Topshop number I'd been lusting after for quite some time, and coincidentally, another stress-buy after Rob and I had attempted to shop in Birmingham during both Freshers' Week and the Next sale. A fatal combination for anyone who dared venture into the Bullring that day!

Below you can see Sid and I having a Monty and Mabel moment. We're thinking of auditioning for the next John Lewis ad...

I have taken the weekend off work, so Rob, Sid and I are heading over to a friends' house in Leamington Spa to watch the final Formula One race of the season. Then on Monday, we're thinking of visiting Stratford, as I've never been before.
Rob assures me it's nice, and another opportunity to take some snaps for you, so watch this space!...

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