The One Where Sid Found a Fox Poo...


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I have to admit, I love long, chilly walks.

I suppose that sounds quite daft, seeing as I'm always the first person to complain about the cold weather. But there's just something so comforting about wrapping up and getting all cosy, feeling the autumn leaves crunching beneath your boots.

This weekend, we took Sid for a big walk around the fields in Drakelow, but really, I just wanted to take my new cape for an outing.

It's one of my favourite new wardrobe additions because I can just throw it over anything and it looks so chic. The price is ridiculously good... like buy-one-in-every-colour good, and it's obviously one of this seasons absolute essential pieces.

Teamed up with faux leather trousers, olive green jumper and my trusty fedora, I felt ready to explore!

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The colours of autumn are particularly beautiful, aren't they?

I can't help but feel inspired by the burnt oranges, the rusty reds and the copper browns. It's getting me in the mood for lots of festive baking: pies and stews and roasting winter veggies. I can almost taste the mince pies!

Speaking of feeling festive, I've been eyeing up Christmas decorations for the boat this year (yep, I'm one of those Christmas fanatics). See, I'm a lover of a real tree, but we bought one last year from the garden centre - it cost us a price that it pains me to remember, and died after about a week, barely even making it to Christmas Day.

So I'm thinking this year, I'll get a 'good fake'. Homebase, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, I digress...

UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog

We walked around for a good couple of hours, and just as we were approaching the end of our walk, Sid found himself a nice big fox poo to roll around in.

Any dog owner out there will understand what I mean when I say "UUGGGGGGGGHHHH". The smell is like nothing I've ever smelt before. But dogs seem to love it, so...

After attempting to bathe an unimpressed Sid, we hopped into the car, pleased to warm up our frosty fingertips, and went home!

UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog

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  1. This cracked me up- this is EXACTLY what my labradoodle does on every reeks!! Come and look at my puppa- maybe she and Sid can be cyber buddies! xoxox


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