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As someone who doesn't really experiment too much with make-up, I must say, the "contour" look seemed extremely daunting for me. In fear that I'd end up looking like a knock-off Kardashian, I've tried to stay away from it for as long as possible.

But with party season coming up, my normal 'every day face' just won't cut it - I need something that gives it a little more oomph; something that is striking yet still subtle.

BeautyUK very kindly sent me their new contour palette to try so with a bunch of YouTube tutorials at hand (don't judge me), I started pretty much war-painting my face.

Believe it or not, it's actually pretty easy. The palette consists of three different colours: a highlighter, a medium brown and a much darker brown which I've not dared to touch yet. I find that the mid-brown and highlighter work just find for me.

Here you can see where I've applied both colours.

YouTube guru's assure me that you can also add a pink blush to your cheeks to give you that "fresh out of the cold" look, but I reckon that's one for me to try another day!

If you're a little bit wary of contouring like me, and you want a nice in-expensive product to get you started, then I really recommend this BeautyUK palette.

BeautyUK are one of my favourite high street beauty brands, as you can always find an absolute steal of a product in their range. The quality will never rival that of the high-end products like Chanel and Dior - let's be real here - but I honestly prefer this palette to other high street names such as the Sleek palette and Bourjois.

For just £4.99, you can't really go wrong!

Below, you can see the finished look with pressed powder applied to the top, a slick of mascara, and BeautyUK's 'Brown Sugar' on my lips.

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