The One Where Sid Chased a Squirrel...


It's quite well-known that the British love a good ol' moan.

I once made it a New Years' resolution to not complain about things, and then found myself complaining about how hard it was to not complain... yep, we just can't help ourselves!

One thing I have noticed amongst fellow Brits, is that we often moan about our country. I'm not talking politics here, but I'm talking about the weather, the lack of things to do, the sheer joy we get when we hop on a plane that's taking us anywhere but here.

But let's stop and think for a minute. Is it really that bad? The United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful countryside you will ever see. I love that I'm surrounded by fields and farms and wildlife, but I think we often take it for granted.

I'm making it my mid-October resolution to experience my country a little bit more. Starting here... Rosliston Foristry Centre.

Don't laugh, you've probably never heard of it.

It's a part of the National Forest that has lots of walks, a coffee shop, and some activities for the kids.

Rob and I decided it would be a fun place to take Sid, so we put on our wellies and off we went. One thing I should tell you about Sid is that he LOVES children. Not a bad thing, of course, but because he's still a puppy, he just wants to play all the time. Also, not a bad thing, but him being rather on the large side means he could probably knock a few small children over just with a flick of his tail.

As we chose the day where there were LOTS of school trips about, we decided to opt for the "long route".

Four hours of getting lost, chasing squirrells, and getting stuck in quick-mud (it exists, believe me), our walk was complete.

Thankfully, I had a delicious stew cooking in the slow cooker ready for when we got home, and I'd never been so grateful for that rich beefy smell as we walked through the door.

Really though, it was amazing to walk through the fields, not a soul in sight, and see field after field of pretty Autumnal colours - I love this time of year!

So, Rosliston Forestry Centre is highly recommended if you're in this area - if you're not up for the four-hour walk and getting stuck in mud part, then there's a coffee shop you can chill out in, a falconry centre where you can visit some beautiful birds of prey, and even some cabins hidden away if you fancied a night away from the hustle and bustle!

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